Christine Folch

Paraguay Post-Pandemic (English & Spanish)

This summer, our DukeEngage+ student research team (+ because it includes a stellar undergraduate from Swarthmore) researched the question of how Paraguay could take meaningful steps to tackle the COVID-19 … Continue reading

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Mate Cocido Gelato (Recipe)

Homemade mate cocido gelato recipe.

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COVID-19 en Sudamérica: los números, decisiones drásticas y #QuédateEnTuCasa

Hice los números. Pueden ser graves. En 30 días, a menos que haya un distanciamiento social masivo: 307.200 personas en Brasil necesitarán hospitalización; 13.824 personas en Paraguay necesitarán hospitalización; 86.016 … Continue reading

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COVID-19 in South America: The Numbers, Drastic Responses, and #QuédateEnTuCasa

I ran the numbers on COVID19 in South America. In 30 days, unless there’s massive social distancing: 307,200 people in Brazil, 13,824 people in Paraguay, 86,016 people in Argentina will require hospitalization.

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Honoring Don Colá–the luthier of Cateura

Don Colá makes recycled instruments out of Asunción’s massive trash heap for the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura.

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HYDROPOLITICS: The ITAIPU Dam, Sovereignty + the Engineering of Modern South America [AVAILABLE NOW]

Announcing the publication of my book HYDROPOLITICS: The Itaipu Dam, Sovereignty, and the Engineering of Modern South America (Princeton University Press).

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Interview (Spanish): El Caso Itaipú en Paraguay4Export

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Looking for Itaipú Post 2023 & the work we’ve been doing on Energy + Paraguay? Click here.


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Beyond Perceptions: Innovation, Creativity & the Harvard Paraguay Conference 2019

Showcasing the best of Paraguayan creativity and rethinking urbanism, agriculture, and technology: Paraguay’s young people take the stage at Harvard University.

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Hydropolitics in Latin America (Video)

The 1973 Treaty stipulates that Itaipú dam is not-for-profit, which means it’s supposed to operate at cost. Q: how might both states *legally* derive money from the dam, given these conditions?

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