Christine Folch

DukeEngage PARAGUAY 2021

Make an impact. Make authentic relationships. Make the most of your summer.

Apply here.

What will we be doing?

Learn more at our video session on February 23 at 5pm.

Can we really make an impact if we can’t travel?

Yes. Take a look at our Summer 2020.

What was the student experience like?

Read it here!

I heard that the Duke team got national media coverage. Is that true?

Oh yeah. Read it here. And here. And here.

Wait. They asked the President of Paraguay about the DukeEngage team research on live radio?

Yup. Minute 44:40.

I’m into public policy/social entrepreneurship/innovation & technology/environmental justice/engineering/history/economic development/law, is there a place for me in this team?


Am I going to get to practice my Spanish?

Without a doubt.

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