Christine Folch

Drink Yaupon

Learn more about the North American holly that makes a lovely caffeinated drink!

3 things to know:

  1. Locals pronounce it “yoh-pon” (rhymes with “tow”) not “yow-pon.”*
  2. If you’re in the southern part of North America, it’s probably in your yard.
  3. Here’s what it looks like (ladybug for scale on bright green new leaves):

Foraging & fixing yaupon from our yard: our successful attempt! (w/pictures & a video)

Yaupon’s history (or “why don’t we drink it & why don’t we know about it!”):

Talking about yaupon:

  • UC-Davis Global Tea Initiative: Video here
  • Atlanta Botanical Garden: Virtual Science CafĂ© video here

* also known as cassina or asi

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