Christine Folch

COVID-19 en Sudamérica: los números, decisiones drásticas y #QuédateEnTuCasa

Hice los números. Pueden ser graves. En 30 días, a menos que haya un distanciamiento social masivo: 307.200 personas en Brasil necesitarán hospitalización; 13.824 personas en Paraguay necesitarán hospitalización; 86.016 … Continue reading

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COVID-19 in South America: The Numbers, Drastic Responses, and #QuédateEnTuCasa

I ran the numbers on COVID19 in South America. In 30 days, unless there’s massive social distancing: 307,200 people in Brazil, 13,824 people in Paraguay, 86,016 people in Argentina will require hospitalization.

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Edible Education: a tasty way to transform public schools & farming, to boot.

With the smell of fresh rosemary and the clucking of chickens in the background, food experts Alice Waters and Joel Salatin shared their vision for eating well to the Kitchen … Continue reading

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Zika, Faith, & Solution Aversion: How “preventing pregnancy” culturally backfires

The news on the Zika virus gets more alarming by the minute: two months ago, researchers in Brazil connected the mosquito-born fever to a spate of microcephaly among newborns. Three … Continue reading

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