Christine Folch

Foraging Adventure: Brewing Yaupon at Duke

Proof that there’s no reason to suffer a caffeine-free life at Duke. We made yaupon (aka cassina tea) from foraged Ilex vomitoria leaves. It’s awesome. Yes, there’s video.

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The Social Life of Stimulants

CulAnth290 Fall 2019 Register here. Be honest. The first time you tried coffee, did you like it? Why do you drink it now? How did bitter drinks come to be … Continue reading

January 22, 2019 · 1 Comment

Geoengineering to Save Paraguay’s Forests, Past & Future

Geoengineering saved Paraguay’s Atlantic Forest in the 19th century. It can do it again in the 21st, in the face of massive soy-led deforestation. The example of Swiss naturalist Moises Bertoni shows the way.

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It’s not the sandwiches. Or: why David Brooks comes off like a jerk.

There’s a new article by David Brooks that’s ruffling feathers. It’s a quick read, but I’ll summarize it. tl;dr: “The _real_ reason for social inequality isn’t inequality in education, it’s … Continue reading

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Edible Education: a tasty way to transform public schools & farming, to boot.

With the smell of fresh rosemary and the clucking of chickens in the background, food experts Alice Waters and Joel Salatin shared their vision for eating well to the Kitchen … Continue reading

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What we eat & why. The legacy of famous food scholar Sidney Mintz

Today’s post is excellent fodder for smart cocktail party conversations. The late Sidney Mintz, who taught anthropology at Johns Hopkins, was one of those academics who had a great answer … Continue reading

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