Christine Folch

Success! Got my Antarctica World Passport at COP21 Paris


(An example of how art helps us see our world more clearly.)

And I just *happened* to have an extra passport sized photo

The 1959 Antarctic Treaty, signed by more than 50 countries (including the U.S.), designates that continent for peace and scientific research–a borderless land outside the territorial ownership of any nation. But climate change and peak oil put this at risk–> as companies and governments eye the thawing landscape for extraction.

As a way to bring attention to these issues, artists Lucy and Jorge Orta have invited everyone to join their collaborative project: the Antarctica World Passport.

Solutions 21 at the Paris Climate Conference is actually *hosting* an AWP Office, where officers read you the obligations and register your info, and where you then “cross” the border to get the passport stamped.


There’s also a public policy aspect to this. If 1million people sign on, AWP can initiate legislative proposal through the Europeans Citizens’ Initiative.


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