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Paraguay Post-Pandemic (English & Spanish)

This summer, our DukeEngage+ student research team (+ because it includes a stellar undergraduate from Swarthmore) researched the question of how Paraguay could take meaningful steps to tackle the COVID-19 … Continue reading

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Interview (Spanish): El Caso Itaipú en Paraguay4Export

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Looking for Itaipú Post 2023 & the work we’ve been doing on Energy + Paraguay? Click here.


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Beyond Perceptions: Innovation, Creativity & the Harvard Paraguay Conference 2019

Showcasing the best of Paraguayan creativity and rethinking urbanism, agriculture, and technology: Paraguay’s young people take the stage at Harvard University.

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International Research Travel with an Infant

I’m an anthropologist. Almost by definition that means I travel a lot for research. And, to be completely honest, that’s not incidental… it’s one of the reasons I was drawn … Continue reading

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The Unlikely Jazz Capital: Asunción

Hundreds of people sit on the street every week in the hottest jazz capital. New York? Rio? Paris? No. Asunción, Paraguay. Never in my life have I ever seen a … Continue reading

August 9, 2016 · 3 Comments

The Basics on Curuguaty/Marina Kue: a campesino massacre on trial in Paraguay

Update: The campesinos were all found guilty and given harsh sentences (some of them >30 years) in the midst of a highly irregular trial that sounds like it came out … Continue reading

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Blessed are the pacified? Reflections on Rio de Janeiro.

Babilônia, where I am staying in Rio de Janeiro, boasts enviable views of the Atlantic and Copacabana. Though half of the paint has been scraped off the mural, enough of … Continue reading

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Collecting Soil, Memorializing a History We Shouldn’t Forget

Soil collection as a way to memorialize a history we shouldn’t forget. This past Saturday, I took part in a project convened by the Equal Justice Initiative to collect soil … Continue reading

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On the pleasures of teaching Borges’ “On Exactitude in Science” to students

Hi Dr. Folch, We can only see the first page of the document in the uploaded resources. It’s just the dedication page. Would you mind re-uploading the full one? Thank … Continue reading

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