Christine Folch

Art’s Power: Hand-inked Map of Mesoamerica Speaks of Globalization

Nine years in the making, the Beehive Collective gathered stories about the impacts of globalization from Mexico to Colombia in order to hand-ink this intricate map of “Plan Mesoamérica.” This … Continue reading

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Good beginnings.

Olive oil, garlic, aromatics. A new spiral notebook and newly sharpened pencils. The sound of an orchestra tuning their instruments just before playing a piece. Starting a new blog.

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Colorado & Brazil mine disasters kill two rivers in 2015.

NASA Earth Observatory image shows toxic mud reaching Atlantic Ocean. Contaminated Rio Doce Water Flows into the Atlantic. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons. The Basics to understand 2 … Continue reading

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Paris & Rest of World Get Much-Needed Good News: UN Climate Accord Passes

“The Paris Accord passes,” said Laurent Fabius, triumphantly describing the successful outcome of COP21 Paris Climate Conference he oversaw as its president. As his green gavel struck the table, thousands … Continue reading

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Success! Got my Antarctica World Passport at COP21 Paris

(An example of how art helps us see our world more clearly.) And I just *happened* to have an extra passport sized photo The 1959 Antarctic Treaty, signed by more … Continue reading

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Grad School Tips: Writing Strategies a.k.a. Best Advice I Ever Received

Hands down, the very best advice I received in grad school was: Write every seminar paper as if you were going to publish it and then do so. Publishing articles … Continue reading

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