Christine Folch

Public Talk in Asunción: Itaipú, conflictos y estrategia política en la administración de Fernando Lugo (Chatting w/the Experts Series)

I am delighted to participate in the Paraguayan Fulbright Association’s “Chatting with the Experts” Series this week in Asunción, Paraguay. I’ll be speaking on my research on hydroelectricity and energy … Continue reading

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The Basics on Curuguaty/Marina Kue: a campesino massacre on trial in Paraguay

Update: The campesinos were all found guilty and given harsh sentences (some of them >30 years) in the midst of a highly irregular trial that sounds like it came out … Continue reading

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Blessed are the pacified? Reflections on Rio de Janeiro.

Babilônia, where I am staying in Rio de Janeiro, boasts enviable views of the Atlantic and Copacabana. Though half of the paint has been scraped off the mural, enough of … Continue reading

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Collecting Soil, Memorializing a History We Shouldn’t Forget

Soil collection as a way to memorialize a history we shouldn’t forget. This past Saturday, I took part in a project convened by the Equal Justice Initiative to collect soil … Continue reading

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On the pleasures of teaching Borges’ “On Exactitude in Science” to students

Hi Dr. Folch, We can only see the first page of the document in the uploaded resources. It’s just the dedication page. Would you mind re-uploading the full one? Thank … Continue reading

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AAA 2016 CFP:Infrastructure and/as Ethics

Call for Papers Infrastructure and/as Ethics Annual Meeting for the American Anthropological Association (2016) November 16-20, 2016 Minneapolis, MN We invite ethnographically-rooted papers that discuss the entanglements of infrastructure and … Continue reading

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Presenting on “Global Warming, Environment, and Energy Panel” on 3/4 10:15am at DUKE

Come hear about COP21, renewable energy, and South America–I’ll be presenting on Energy & Climate Change at this year’s Duke/FHI Global Brazil Lab Conference on Friday. For more, see the … Continue reading

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Zika, Faith, & Solution Aversion: How “preventing pregnancy” culturally backfires

The news on the Zika virus gets more alarming by the minute: two months ago, researchers in Brazil connected the mosquito-born fever to a spate of microcephaly among newborns. Three … Continue reading

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What we eat & why. The legacy of famous food scholar Sidney Mintz

Today’s post is excellent fodder for smart cocktail party conversations. The late Sidney Mintz, who taught anthropology at Johns Hopkins, was one of those academics who had a great answer … Continue reading

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How do *you* pronounce the names in the Shannara Chronicles?

I watched the first two episodes of MTV’s Shannara Chronicles the other night and this post resulted. World-building is one of the best parts of science fiction and fantasy. Ever … Continue reading

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