Christine Folch


Theorizing Environment: Political Ecology & the Geographic Turn in Anthropology [CULANTH 747S]

The readings and the discussion in this graduate seminar are intended to query *power* and bring it back into the conversation on materiality and political ecology, especially given the growing constraints of the Anthropocene.

Much of the most vibrant work in recent anthropology has centered on questions of the semiotic natural/representational worlds of non-western peoples, specifically because of how they confront naturalized academic categories. Here I think of de la Cadena, Kohn, and Viveiros de Castro, among others.

But how do power, violence, and political economy intersect with the “new materialism,” STS, and conversations of crisis/precarity?

We begin with key theoretical texts that help us think through Space, Place, and Environment. Then we move to several thematic issues (enclosures/commons, geographic imaginary/knowledges, political ecology resurgent) as well as what anthropology brings to the table.

Readings include:
David Harvey. Cindi Katz. Henri Lefebvre. Doreen Massey. Chandra Mukerji. Neil Smith.



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