Christine Folch

Itaipú Dam & Sustainable Development. A conversation between Duke & UNA researchers. (Full Video)

Are you curious about renewable energy, climate change, and sustainable development? Here is a chance to hear about the upcoming renegotiation of the Itaipú Dam treaty–one of the most important sources of electricity worldwide. In 2023, the treaty that governs the energy pricing & distribution for the dam expires, an unprecedented opportunity to foster development that is sustainable and equitable.

We believe in the power of Itaipú Binational Hydroelectric Dam (Brazil-Paraguay) to transform Paraguay, Brazil, and, indeed, the entire region. To kickstart this multi-lingual, transnational conversation, we heard from Duke researchers and Paraguayan energy experts from G.I.S.E. (Facultad Politécnica, Universidad Nacional de Asunción) about Itaipú Dam and power in South America.

Watch the full video here:


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This entry was posted on February 21, 2017 by in Environment, Itaipú.
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