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The Basics on Curuguaty/Marina Kue: a campesino massacre on trial in Paraguay

Update: The campesinos were all found guilty and given harsh sentences (some of them >30 years) in the midst of a highly irregular trial that sounds like it came out of a crime drama.





Police in front of Asunción’s Palacio de Justicia preparing for protests at sentencing of Curuguaty 11. (July 11, 2016)

What happened in Curuguaty? ¿Qué pasó en Curuguaty?

* July 15, 2012: A shoot-out between peasants & Paraguayan police resulted in 11 peasants dead, 6 police dead in Curuguaty (eastern Paraguay).

* The massacre was used as a pretext to impeach Paraguay’s leftist president Fernando Lugo, who’d successfully toppled the Colorado Party to end one-party rule in 2008. The Colorado Party ruled for 62 years (including the dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner); they’re back in power now.

From the confrontation. Image: ABC Color.

* 300 police were there to force 60 peasants off the land where they lived. The land was (and is) public land. That is: not private property.

* A high-ranking Colorado Party family wanted the land and it seems that they sent the police to evict the men, women, and children, though it is public land. In fact, it was land assigned to “Agrarian/Land Reform” by the Paraguayan government. I.e., it was meant for peasants.


Family members mourn campesinos. Image: Patria Grande

* Though more peasants were killed than police, only peasants have been charged/investigated for their actions.

* 11 peasants are on trial right now. Their sentence will be read at 1pm, July 11, 2016.

* In the year-long trial, the formal charges against the peasants have changed, human rights organizations have denounced torture of the detainees, and a network of social movements have gathered demanding absolution of the peasants because of judicial irregularities.


11 charged. Image: Última Hora

For more (in Spanish):

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